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Garden bonfire EDGY Corten Fire
Garden bonfire EDGY Corten Fire
Garden bonfire EDGY Corten Fire
Garden bonfire EDGY Corten Fire
Garden bonfire EDGY Corten Fire
Garden bonfire EDGY Corten Fire

Garden bonfire EDGY Corten Fire

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The garden bonfire place EDGY Corten Fire provides the perfect setting for a cosy gathering around the fire. The set consists of the following:

  • 4 x Angle Planter Boxes EDGY Corten 117 x 117 x 40 x 40 cm.
  • 3 x EDGY Bench Large (in the colour of your choice)
  • 1 x EDGY Corten 80 x 80 x 40 cm. module for the brazier.
  • 1 x brazier
  • A bottom plate for it can be purchased separately. This is recommended in the case of solid surfaces such as tiles and similar.
  • Outer dimensions 358 x 358 cm.
Raised beds, planter boxes and flower planters are supplied as DIY-assembly incl. nuts and bolts and detailed assembly instructions.

If you want to order it in galva, please send an e-mail:

Good advice when you plant in planter boxes:
  • Fill it with earth right up to the edge
  • Ensure that there is sufficient drainage for watering
  • Use uncoated Leca pellets
  • Separate the layers using weed control membrane fabric
  • Use natural fertilisers (e.g. raised bed soil or compost)
How long does Corten steel last?
Corten steel lasts 8 times longer than regular steel. The climate in which Corten steel is used plays a significant role in the durability factor. In optimal conditions, Corten steel in gardens can last more than 50 years, although air that has a high salt content will have a negative impact on its lifetime. Similarly, the salt and acid content of the soil that is used in the planter box will also have an impact.
The steel is supplied covered in a slightly oily film and does not therefore appear rusted upon delivery. We therefore recommend that you wash it with lukewarm soapy water to remove the oily film after it has been assembled. After just a few weeks, depending on the amount of precipitation, the rusting process will begin. The final patina takes several years to achieve, as the layer of rust develops and forms a protective layer on the surface. The colour will change from a bright orange to something a little darker over the course of time. A beautiful transformation.

Does the steel damage the planet?
You can grow and plant any kind of vegetable or plant in this planter box. Steel is a natural material and does not emit materials which are hazardous to your vegetables. If you are still unsure, we recommend that you line the box with cling film, polystyrene, an insulation mat or similar. This will also insulate the soil from the sides of the box and prolong its lifetime.

Does Corten steel bleed rust into the underlying layers?
Corten steel emits a minimal amount of rust compared to regular steel. However, at the beginning of the rusting process, a small amount of rust will always bleed into the underlying surface. Therefore, we recommend using a bottom plate if it is placed on tiles or wood. There are holes in the bottom plate to allow watering, and the box will be raised approx. 5 mm. from the underlay to allow the water to run off. Rust is easily removed from concrete tiles with oxalic acid.