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Do you make planters, raised beds and other products in customized measures??
  • You bet we do! We make everything ourselves and are very happy to deliver our products in  customized measures, to fit your terrace. Contact us with your wishes - and we will calculate a good offer for you.

Why is the Corten not rusted when I receive it?

  • When we process the material at our factory, the material is similar to ordinary black steel. When delivered, the steel is still like this, but after a few weeks of outdoor placement - depending on the season - the rust layer will slowly emerge.

Can I get a discount at byJEMA??

  • We want fair, equal and competitive prices for everyone. You will therefore not find discount codes, black friday, birthday offers, etc.
  • Certain products are priced as a package price, and for very large orders, the shop system can assign a small discount completely automatically.
  • If you do not find our prices competitive - then finally contact us with your information. We always love feed back.

Where can I buy byJEMA products?

  • We develop, produce and sell things ourselves. Therefore, you can only buy our items here on our webshop. In return, we guarantee competitive prices, fast response time and good customer service worldwide!
  • We deliver to the Nordics, the EU - in fact most of the world directly from our warehouse in Denmark. Shipping prices including customs and taxes are calculated automatically in the ordering process.

Do you ship to Norway and Sweden?

  • Yes we will gladly ship to Norway, Sweden and other countries. Shipping prices including customs and taxes are calculated automatically in the ordering process.

How long is your delivery time?

  • We always strive to ship the goods as soon as possible. Most often standard items are sent within 1-3 working days from byJEMA after registration of purchase. In addition, you must anticipate delivery time from the shipping company with which we ship our goods. Usually items will arrive to you 3-5 business days after ordering.

Does corten steel contaminates rust on underlying surfaces?

  • When placing on tiles or wood, the surface must be protected against rust markings for the first time, as the rust in rain will drip onto the surface. This decreases after a few months, but we always recommend paying attention.

Should I choose with or without bottom plate?

  • When placing on tiles or wood, we recommend a bottom plate. The bottom plate is made of 3 mm galvanized steel. There are holes for drainage in the bottom plate and the planter will be raised approx. 5 mm. from the surface so that the water can run away. The raised bottom plate also minimizes contamination on surfaces.

How long will corten steel last?

  • Corten steel lasts up to 8 times longer than ordinary steel. Corten steel can last outdoors for decades - completely maintenance-free. Optimal conditions corten steel will last over 50 years, while a saline air will have negatively affect on the life span.

What is galva steel?

  • Galvanized steel - or galva as we call it - is a well-known treatment of steel, where a zinc treatment makes the metal extra hardy and maintenance-free. In the beginning, the surface will shine a bit, but it becomes more matte as the years go by. All byJEMA galva products are made of hot-dip galvanized sheet that is laser cut, bent and bolted together. You do not have to worry about the durability of galvanized sheet steel. It is extremely durable in the harsh Scandinavian climate, and possibly. scratches - or the cut for that matter - have an ability to repair themselves as the zinc continues to develop a protective layer.

What is the difference between CUBY and EDGY?

  • CUBY is 2 mm bent steel. Straight lines and right angles form a cubic planter that fits in anywhere. Can be stacked in layers or assembled lengthwise or perpendicularly.
  • EDGY is 3 mm bent steel. Exciting and challenging designed with 45 degree edges that gives a unique geometric shape and can be assembled in all directions.

How should I plant in my planters/raised bed?

  • Use 1/3 lecan nuts (without coating) at the bottom of the planter.
  • Fill soil all the way to the edge 2/3 (over cross braces).
  • Divide the layers with weed cloth.
  • Provide good drainage for drainage.
  • Use natural fertilizer (eg raised bed mulch or compost).

    Can I experience your products in a showroom? 

    • We guarantee that our products are of the highest quality. If you still want to experience it all before ordering, you are very welcome at the following addresses:
    byJEMA - Sahl, Denmark

    Showroom and inspiration garden with all our items on display. Feel free to contact us for an appointment for a personal presentation before visiting.

    Decoflame - Vildbjerg, Denmark
    North of Aalborg you can experience our corten steel products at Decoflame in Vildbjerg. You can experience CUBY, EDGY, benches and the Lazy Lounge. The showroom is set up outdoors at the entrance, and can thus be experienced at all times.A good piece of advice is to come during Decoflame opening hours - then you can also experience Denmark's wildest showroom with Danish-produced bio fireplaces.