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The garden of the future

Modern garden environments in sustainable materials.

Concept Gardens have prepared this design vision. The wishes were functional garden spaces that invite activities, relaxation and community.

Conservatory for modern garden

The nature that surrounds the beautiful area must be integrated into the harsh and modern architecture. It is based on the arbitrary forms and plants of the heath, like the wild gourd that plays through the clean lines. With shapes, stones and plants, the areas must be used for both play and ornament.

Corten wall

Centered in the facility, a state-of-the-art conservatory has been designed which uses the same materials, among other things. concrete, wood and Corten, found on the villa's architecture. Concrete elements rise from the bottom, creating space and shadow play.

Concrete and corten steel conservatory

The roof, which hovers to invite for shade and shelter, has warm material choices in the ceiling, spanning the natural heath area. In the granite floor, a Himalayan birch rises and takes nature into the raw form. Stay, bar and lounge are at your fingertips.

Angled on a sloping edge, the wooden terrace is in a steel frame, which hangs floating beyond the beautiful swimming lake which can be used like a pool - the gas fireplace which is the pillar of the roof, gives fire to the front and back, so that both evening and day events are enriched with heat and light

Throughout the entire area, crooked lines are cut with concrete walls, which help remove the strong wind from the open field areas and help create environments and hooks in the garden. The walls also serve as benches, parkour elements, outside shower area and lighting architecture. The walls create perspective and depth in the ground, at the same time as they detach themselves from all the surrounding forms. The walls are the walls of the garden and clothed trees and grasses, which act as light installations when darkness falls.

The Petanque course angles on the lounge and invites for play and activity that can be linked to many of the areas in the garden. There is training, balance and play in all the garden areas.

Outside corten steel spa and wellness

Sauna, spa and outdoor shower provide a sense of spa and wellness, with separate entrance, as an addition of architecture and spaciousness to the design. A place where one can feel at home freely and enjoy the breathtaking heath garden as a view.

The square shapes of the Espalier trees and the corten walls and plant boxes, are the final designer in the arbitrary scene of nature - they reinforce both the architecture and act as an inhibitor to prying eyes and dull buildings in the surroundings.