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ByJEMA is created

byJEMA has arisen due to our own lack of a good solution on our terrace. As proprietors of a machine factory with both laser cutting machine and edge press robots, it was possible for us to design and produce the plant boxes ourselves.
The Corten has become really popular we have experienced and we love the raw but warm look it has.










As we designed CUBY and EDGY ourselves and produced them ourselves, we could see an idea in creating a webshop where we could sell to both private, commercial and public spaces.

We have 2 different products, each with their unique design that is simple and clean. In addition, we also make both designs in galvanized steel.
Both can be modular in different levels and shapes. Furthermore, with benches of different sizes, which makes the plant boxes even more functional and part of the outdoor environment.











We chose the cortina for our terrace and even made a modular lounge where the plant boxes form the backrest.
The beautiful rusty color gives some more vibrant outdoor environments along with the green plants.
We are passionate about creating something that can be used by everyone and even maintenance-free.
We see it all over now.
We have seen it abroad, in large outdoor malls to create some green spaces as well as in several modern house buildings.
Many settler areas have the challenges that they cannot get shelter / shelter for their land quickly, as the hedge takes some time to grow tall enough. Here, this is an ingenious solution as plant boxes can be made at different heights and the plants can quickly form shelter and foreclosure on the open grounds of settlers.

Creativity has no limits. So let us inspire and finally send us questions if we need to guide or make offers on special goals.